Best Gift

Marrying well was my first step to overcoming an abusive past.  Learning to become a good father, was the second.  Unaware of it at the time, my children played an existential role in my transformation.  I swore a vow they would never experience what I did growing up, and they haven’t.  They were my motivation to grow and change.  They are, in many ways, better people than I was at their age.  There’s little doubt in my mind they’ve done more for me than I have done for them.

One of my surrogate mothers, Mama Joyce, once told me that raising healthy, balanced, and considerate children, who walk with God, would be the best gift we could give to the world.  It would outweigh anything we did in His name and everything we did for others.  She was right, as usual.  At the time though, I had no clue how to do that.  I’d never seen it done.  By His grace, my Heavenly Father showed me how.

Take Way: Fathering is easier when you know the Heavenly Father.

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