The Next Day

He came to us in the way over 70% of our youth come to us – a failed adoption.  He was very quiet, most respectful, and completely helpful.  Academically, this young man was challenged, but it was clear that he had a gentle soul that was open and willing for whatever improvement opportunities we offered.

Thanks to the efforts of staff with Patrick Henry Academy, he was placed on an individual educational plan but did not stay on that plan.  His dedicated efforts resulted in his ability to return to regular academic coursework.  He recently graduated from high school, and in a couple of weeks enters the United States Marine Corps.

What was once a browbeaten bruised young person leaves us as a confident peer leader with a brighter future ahead?  At the end of the day, when we turn off the office lights, it’s stories like this that make the staff of Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Homes look forward to the next day.

Take Away: Success motivates our work at Patrick Henry Family Services.

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