Father’s Day

Father’s Day was first suggested by Sonora Dodd.  Her father was a civil war veteran, and single parent who raised six children.  After hearing a sermon about Mother’s Day in 1909, she told her pastor that fathers should have a similar day.  She initially suggested June 5, her father’s birthday, but the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday in June.  Several local clergymen willingly accepted the idea.  June 19, 1910, the first day, honoring father’s occurred throughout Spokane Washington.

In 1916, President Wilson went to Spokane to speak at a Father’s Day celebration. He wanted to make it a federal holiday, but Congress resisted, fearing that it would become commercialized.

In 1957, Maine Senator Margaret Smith accused Congress of ignoring fathers for 40 years while honoring mothers, thus “singling out just one of our two parents.”  In 1966, President Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers. Six years later, it was made a permanent national holiday when President Nixon signed Father’s Day into law in 1972.

Take Away:   Let’s not ignore our Fathers. 

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