The Vehicle Out

I believe poor people have poor ways because poverty has a way of degrading the mind and trashing the soul.   Education was a huge part of my own transformational journey out of deep, generational poverty.  The education process, more than the product, moved me from a culture of poverty to a thoroughly middle-class life.
The true evil of poverty is not its lack of resources or even the suffering of its depravity, but rather the lies it tells those trapped in it.  Education didn’t just provide diplomas that could be leveraged for better job opportunities.  It did something much more profound.  It changed the size and scope of my world.  Poverty, like fear, distorts perception.
The power of education is its ability to change perception, to alter what is possible.  I am a firm believer that a person can change their life by changing the way they think, which isn’t actually that easy; simple, yes, easy, no.  Education is the vehicle that makes it even possible.

Take Away: Being poor isn’t the worst part of living in poverty.

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