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I’m the CEO of Patrick Henry Family Services, a ministry that has cared for children for more than 55 years.  I’ve spent most of my professional life working in agencies that serve children in some capacity or another.   I’m here today to tell you about the very best nonprofit organization that serves children.  No, it’s not us.  It’s the family.

The family is the best-qualified institution when it comes to meeting the various needs of children.  When in a healthy state, nothing can compete with the family.  The family unit is the most motivated, and most efficiently run a nonprofit organization that has ever existed.

There are a lot of groups, profit and nonprofit, who exhaust a great deal of resources trying to do what the family was created to do.  For every dollar we spend on supporting and undergirding that institution, we will save hundreds of dollars later.  There simply is a no better investment by society, and for society, than to make sure families are strong.

Take Away:
 The family is the most motivated and most efficiently run nonprofit that has ever existed.

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